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Do you want to be a Chubbdoll? 


Chubbdoll Collars is so thankful to have such a loyal fan base. Our community is continuing to grow each and every day. We have so many people of all ages, backgrounds and genders looking to connect with other people that share the same nerdy interest as they do. We truly want our future customers to hear from YOU and about YOUR experiences with Chubbdoll Collars. We hope you will be a great fit for our mission in accepting, appreciating and loving anyone interested in Chubbdoll Collars and kinky wear. We would love for you to be part of our club! 


What is a Chubbdoll? 


A Chubbdoll is a person who represents Chubbdoll Collars in a positive light, and by doing so, helps to spread brand awareness and body positivity. Being a Chubbdoll is meant to embody the shop’s positive impact in the space we occupy in this very niche market. It’s important that a Chubbdoll reflects that in demeanor, values and ethics. Chubbdolls are people who love to walk on the wild side, in whatever form of expression that takes. We are proud of who we are, what we love and who we love. We come in all colors, genders, non-genders, ages, shapes and sizes. We endorse self-love, self-confidence and acceptance for ourselves and others. Some of us are kinky, some of us not so much, but we gather here at the intersection of fun and fandom because we love and live out loud. 


So What does this all mean?

We want to send out some free collars! We really want to spread the word about our brand and since it's made by nerds and those in the kink community we figured the best way to get us out there is to have like minded people promote it. Interested? We hope so!



  • Must be 18 years of age or older 

  • Currently, US residents only 


Responsibilities includes

(Here is what you must do if you're chosen to receive a collar from us!): 


  • Take a picture, post it on your socials and tag us. That's it! 

we We

Note: This is not a continued ambassadorship, but a single use promoter program instead. We are simply looking to connect and work with as many different people across our community as we can!




Join us! Kink and nerdery meet here and honestly, it’s quite a comfy place to be.


You will receive a confirmation email once you apply. This application does not guarantee acceptance into the Chubbdoll Program. 


If you have any questions about the requirements, responsibilities, perks, and time period, please email

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