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Create what you love!

Hey there Kittens and Cool Cats!

This month’s blog, we’re going to talk about commissions!

Sometimes we don’t cover a fandom, or a character that you really want a choker for. In the beginning, we offered commissions as a way to fill that need on a *very limited* basis. Yes, it was to keep us from being overwhelmed, but also, to be completely honest….I have terrible imposter syndrome and the ever-present fear of creating things people hated after spending their money with us (even though that has yet to happen) was crushing me. Our most requested restock item is commissions, so what the heck was I worried for???

After taking some time with my team (and myself), I’ve finally parsed through my very human feelings and we’ve come to the conclusion that commissions are an important part of how we connect to the fandoms in our community. Knowing what you guys love is how we know what to make! With that realization, we’ve changed the way we are opening commissions.

Instead of having limited slots, we are now going to keep commissions open permanently in queue format. That means we’ll work on slots in the order they come in, and everyone who isn’t being worked on will go into a queue. You’ll still get one-on-one time with me to design, and you’ll still have all the upgrade options available to you before the change, plus the option to get cuffs, bows and leashes to match.

We are really stepping out on a limb here, and I’m probably more nervous about it than Chubbstaff Missy or Chubbstaff Annie about it, but we’re moving forward to create more cool and interesting designs. Wish us luck, kittens!



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