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The Chubb Staff in the wild! -Plus our year end message.

Hi there Kittens, Cool Cats and other Kinky Creatures! We know we’re on hiatus until January 15th, but we wanted to check in with you in this month’s blog post.

Chubb staff took a much needed vacation together, and had the opportunity to not only go to Disney, but to meet 3 of our Dollings at Holiday Matsuri! Rai, Jackie and Yuyu were all as sweet as we knew they would be, and even rocked our collars at the convention with their cosplays! Be sure to follow Rai, Jackie and Yuyu on all of their socials:)

While we were at HolMat, we even got to meet a few of our customers, one of which found us and won a free Bumbling Bard! You never know what con you’ll catch us giving away things at, so make sure you’re following us.

Lastly, we know folks have been asking about the future of Chubbdoll Collars and conventions, and we are making plans to vend at Midwestern cons in 2023! We’ve missed cons in general as avid cosplayers, but the yearning for them is different now that we’re cosplayers turned small business. That being said, we have some helpful tips coming in our January Chubb Club comic strip Collared! on IG for newcomers to the con scene.

On behalf of Chubbdoll Collars, we are wishing you the happiest, warmest, safest of holidays! We’ll catch you in 2022!

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