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How We Got Here

Forced at home and attempting not to lose her mind, Lola fused her love of fashion, crafting and kink in a cool way in August 2020.  The midwest cosplayer, crafter and full time nerd created her very first pet play collar and posted it on the internet without much thought. The seemingly casual cosplay accessory made for a thirst Tiktok garnered so much interest that Lola decided to try making a few more anime-themed pet play collars, just for friends at the time. With each tutorial filmed, it quickly became apparent that something special had been born! 

Chubbdoll Collars launched in November 2020, on Small Business Saturday with overwhelming support and success. From Lola solo launching this initiative to the addition of her two besties helping in daily operations, our small shop has grown to feature over 100+ unique anime, gaming and pop-culture inspired designs along with some classic and fun originals to cater to a wide variety of fans. 


Where We’re Going

As of January 2023, we’ve rebranded! Chubbdoll Collars has changed to Chubbdoll. As we grow as pseudo designers, we’ve been inspired to offer a variety of accessories to pair with or standalone from our collar designs.

 We’re so  excited to continue our journey of serving your kink and nerdy needs and hope you’ll stick around to see what’s next!






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Is a burlesque performer.

Favorite Soda is 50/50.

Been a cosplayer

for 10+ Years.

Favorite Game is FFVII.

Loves all Potatoes.

Thinks rainy days

are the best days! 

Funko pop collector .

Loves Stitch!

A real life

Cookie Monster.

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