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Store Policy


This shop specializes in tug-resistant themed pet play collars. Our goal is to bring together all of the badass kittens from the intersection of two subcultures: Kink and Nerdery.


Many folks misunderstand that pet play is not inherently sexual. There are many pets who engage in this kink with no intent to sexual activity, and further, many folks enjoy the aesthetic of wearing collars as simply an accessory. Either way, this is marketed as a kink item, and this shop believes in fully informed, consenting shoppers. That said, the nature of what is sold in this shop is targeted at adults, and by virtue a shop for adults 18 years of age or older. We assume no responsibility for misinterpretations and/or misrepresentation of our product, nor will we be held legally accountable for purchases made underage customers.

This is a body-positive, kink-positive (not to be confused for sex-positive, which we definitely are too) LGBTQ friendly space. We welcome kittens of all breeds here!


As these are handmade items, all items in this shop are final sale, and we will not accept returns. In circumstances to be evaluated by the shop with irrefutable evidence of compromised structural integrity upon arrival of the item, an alternate or replacement item will be offered in its place. Items shown to be damaged as a result of abuse/mishandling of the product will not be offered a product exchange.

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