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What’s new with Chubbdoll!

Hey there Kittens, Cool Cats and other kinky creatures!

It has been a while…did you miss us? We’ve had a lot of life happen since the last time we’ve posted, but we’ve been hard at work on a really important project…A Rebrand!

If you haven’t noticed, things look a little different around here. Chubb Staff Missy used her magical fingers to create a more cohesive theme that will fit with the adorable members of The Chubb Club! If you haven’t seen our super cute mascots,

to read all about them, and check out all episodes of “Collared” while you’re at it.

Not to worry, the double bells aren’t going anywhere! We are who we’ve always been, and we will continue to be the place where kink and nerdery meet. We’ve got some great stuff dropping this year, starting with feeding the fans of Chinese BL with our MDZS, Heaven’s Official Blessing and Scum Villain inspired collars! 

Lastly, we are going on a short break (yes, again!) to take a much needed Chubb Staff trip! We are headed back to Asia for some R&R, which means orders will not ship between March 30 and May 1st. We appreciate your patience and understanding!

Thank you for sticking around with us, and we’ll see you soon!